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need help with titration schedule


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I am on .40mg of K in 2 divided doses daily right now.  I am diluting the crushed K in diluted baby food and withdrawing 10% at a time and taking the rest.  I was sent this method by YouTube from another forum.


My first cut I held for 8 days and then made my second cut.  Planning to hold this cut for 14 days.  Have been doing o.k. with this.  The last 2 days though, I am having morning anxiety and intrusive thoughts.  I HATE morning anxiety, it is the worst.  I am not sleeping as well as I was.  I also take 5-HTP and GABA at night to help with sleep and the anxiety.


Anyone have any ideas about my taper?  Any suggestions?


I am working, I am a nurse, during my taper.  It can be stressful, both physcially and mentally.  I just need some help to make this go as smooth as possible.  Mu husband is getting tired of this, as if I am not.  But they really cannot understand.




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I'm afraid morning anxiety is a very common withdrawal symptom but it won't last forever.  I think any of the self-calming techniques you use during your day would help in the morning, too.  Slow controlled breathing really helped me.


As for your titration, it might be gentler removing just 1% but doing it every day rather than a whole 10% at once.  That would give you an average taper of 10% every 10 days.  Just a suggestion.

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