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I just wanted to say that I think we need to hear some things here that are positive more.  I have been a little scared lately of hearing about how so many individuals are suffering so bad during their taper and so long after.  I will start.


I have been thru the wringer, to say the least, BUT I do function a lot better then I have in such a looooong time.  I, of course, dont want to jinx myself but wanted to let everyone know that we do get better and can feel better during our taper.  I know a personal friend, who went thru this and felt so much better at the end of the taper and when they jump then ever.  He told me his life has never been better and he enjoys it more then he did before the benzos.


PLEASE PLEASE I beg you, lets hear some positive stories to help the ones suffering and the ones that are fighting this fight.




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