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How Long to Stabilise from 0.5 to 0.25 Klonopin?

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Ouch. The anxiety was awful yesterday: tremors, headshakes, feeling as though a panic attack was imminent, all of this in  public. I am four days into a cut, from 0.5 to 0.25 mgs. Klonopin/day.


I figured that there might be a bit of that on day four--the half-life of Klon, it hanging around in the bloodstream and inserting itself into the cut for a little while. But the rebound anxiety is starting to assert itself, causing me to think about going back to 0.5 (hard to get there, too) until this homeless-shelter situation is over. Hard to say when that might be.


I long for the days of asylum. A cool, dark place, no significant human interaction, save for the kindly nurse dispensing my nightly dose, some holistic options to explore. When I was first prescribed 4--two doped-up days, then down to 2--mgs. of K, I was just a kid, and a (removed profanity) one at that, doing all kinds of other drugs and drinking. flash forward twenty-so years, and here I am. I did not know much better until I began to study nursing, and informally, brain science. Been awhile since I *was* a nurse--got into the benzos; what I was on wasn't holding me; lost license--and even though I'm on far less benzos than I was, some executive memory seems to be returning. Dunno. Brain fog bad anyway. But I can't take my head shaking in public, and the judgements that go with it.







Edit: Removed profanity.


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