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fell down down the stairs

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Dear BB, I just fell down the stairs in my house can't move very well. I am told it was the muscle in my lower back on the left hand side near my hip that I hurt that I hit..I thought I could take physical pain more than the mental pain from the K.. Now I am not sure about anything.. I cannot go to a hospital or will I take any meds for the pain.. I am not sure if I broke or fracutred or did anything to my lower back...BB  I am so scared.. I feel like I should give up weaning off anymore.. It is not worth it..


My hubby freaked out on me for two nights now.. He does care about me on the K.. He is biplar and had an epoisode.. I cannot heal in my home I am afraid too.. He is nice one minute, but when there is stress he freaks out.. I cannot take the stress of it. I do not trust and I need to feel safe and secure thru the whole process or I cannot heal..Please tell me what to do.. This K is killing me. I am so sad and alone right now.. Cannot move because I fell and I feel like how is there a way out of this... No therapists no doctors..I am hearing from people the K is the worst benzo now.. I am soon at 1mg of K.. Do not want it anymore. I do not want any of it.. Just to be a mom again.. Where do I go. Where can I hide..  Again I love my family no matter what, but the stress of this makes my hubby not good.. and I need tranquility..


Please BB tell me how to go on like this...PLEASE.I am reaching out to you right now so much... Thank yu, Mishi

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