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Some helpful affirmations :)


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I may not understand this complex withdrawal process, but I accept that positive changes are taking place.


I trust that the outcome will be full recovery of my nervous system.


In the meantime, when a symptoms persists, I surrender.


I know that resisting will only increase my anxiety and make me feel worse.


And so, I acknowledge what is happening without struggling or questioning why.


I know these symptoms are only present because I am on my way to being


benzo-free and fully recovered.


I accept any discomfort or other sensation as a necessary path to my recovery.


I know that when this process is complete – right on schedule – I will be well again.


With this knowing, I take control of my recovery by completely letting go.


I am able to exhale. I breathe deeply and relax into this moment.


I release all concerns about my symptoms,


trusting that like other benzo survivors before me,


I WILL recover. I cope well, today, and every day until then.


I am grateful for my healing. This too, shall pass.


I found it somewhere on the net, printed off for my b/f, putting it on his wardrobe to ready a few times a day


Chig x


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I love the poem!!  I think it is wonderful how supportive you are to your boyfriend.  He really needs you to be strong for him.  And you are and it will make your relationship better. 


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Gonna get a tatoo with this on my chest backwards so I can read it in the mirror every morning!  :P


Okay, second thoughts maybe I should just print it out and sellotape it beside the mirror  :thumbsup:


Thanks for this, it's lovely.

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