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I have been having severe burning/pins and needles for abt 5 mths , and now its stinging and carpet burning sensation, its really bad , its all over my entire body , literally all over , its now almost 14 mths of this , looking to hear from anyone that may have experienced this symptom, I fear it will never end. Along with that I have prickling, itchness, I cant for the past 5 mths even scratch anywhere, rub, massage , even as much as evn ust Toilet paper or anything after gng to the BR , cause any of these things triggers more intense stinging, a really strange weakness, (not physical) , pressure around my neck or head and now also giving me really bad headaches just from anything of a touch sensativity. Its really scaring me , I feel I am alone on this symptom the touch sensativity , that I will never be normal again.
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