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Generation RX -must see!!


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Hello All,


I'm posting this here because I think this forum topic gets the most traffic. I watched a really good documentary last night about the insidious nature of psych drug industry. Everyone who is struggling with addiction and withdrawal must see this. The title is Generation RX - Netflix has it available to watch instantly.


I wish everyone a good day!


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I have seen this. It is a good documentary.


Psychiatry is not therapeutic these days, it is a business.


I believe in mental disorders, and have one, but diagnosing kids with this and that at a young age.. pumping them full of medications.


I dread seeing what it will be like in a good 10 years, the way it keeps going.



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Thank you for recommending this.  It was excellent--and very, very disturbing.  I am asking my children to watch it as well, since sooo many of their friends have been/are on meds and my youngest (18) is studying to be a teacher. While about kids and young adults, the collusion of PHRma/FDA/Psych well documented here has huge implications for everyone on this forum.



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Oh, I'm sorry I missed it and I don't have Netflix - I have every pay station (just about) on Verizon.  Can anyone tell me what station it was on?  Maybe I can try to catch a repeat.



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I found this available at my local library. Haven't watched it yet but so excited to! Thanks for the recommendation.
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This movie was SO well done...and totally disturbing.  My hubby and I watched it last night and although we knew so much of it already, there is SO much that just makes you SO angry.  I want to get the word out so badly.  I was only 16 when I was on Prozac...for issues that really didn't need and a/d for.  Oh well...live and learn. 


Hugs to all,


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