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Any thoughts on multiple-year titrations (e.g.>4 years) ?


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Hey there!


I've been reading a lot from all the information available here and have a decent understanding of the basics...


One thing I'm interested in is people who have done extremely long titrations or tapers (e.g. over 4 years)


For example, if you taper at 5% per month (of current, not starting dose), the process can easily take several years depending on your starting level - in fact you could easily take 8 years at that rate


Does anyone have any links to such experiments, or opinions in general?


Not sure if there is a section on such tapers hidden away somewhere on the site that I have missed?






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Hello, Benji1916.  Although we would be delighted to learn otherwise, we are not aware of research studies on very long tapers (or specific ‘methods’ of tapering). Instead, each of us has to discover what works for us through a process of trial-and-error using the guidelines of (1) keep withdrawal symptoms tolerable and (2) maintain whatever level of functionality is required to perform essential daily tasks.  Moreover, what works for us at one point of our taper may not work at another so we have to be prepared to make adjustments as we proceed (e.g. changes in method, reduction amount, reduction interval, dosage form).
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