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Bright Lights and Shaky Hands--36 hours out

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Hi All--


I know deeply that I must become free of Klonopin. I grieve what 20 years of that crap has done to my personal development and my brain. 20 years of apathy and enhanced depression. Though my present situation (Salvation Army) is not conducive to withdrawal or taper, I have to go out on blind faith here. I am 36 hours out from 0.5 Klon at sleeptime, and starting to feel it.


Bright lights, flourescents in particular, have been making me duck and dive, which looks kiind of peculiar; others at the Army have noticed and found it funny. Was/am in public, and the anxiety is up; there is some tremor. Took 1200 mgs of Neurontin this a.m.. Guess I am doing okay. Am going to take it easy on the caffiene, drink a lot of Starbucks' filtered water, have a mega-B every night, and try to hide out and take it easy and see what happens.


I imagine all of this will preced a grave need for K, and when that happens, I will take 0.25, or 0.325, if I can break a tablet down that far. Take  Neurontin as well, and lay off the Wellbutrin too.


I simply feel not-good. Rattly inside, as though my organs and bones are coming loose. That happened before on c/t; this is not nearly that bad, and I am fearful of this state increasing in intensity.


Ideas on how to manage this are welcome.


Back to the boards,


juliad :-*


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Juliad, I feel for you buddie!  Hey, could you put a signature on your posts so we can surmise a little better where you are at?  If you look at the bottom of my post you will see a brief synopsis of my history, that is my 'signature'.  It will help other Benzobuddies to be better able to help and give you advise.


I had to send a personal message to one of the moderators to figure out how to do this as my brain was so fried in the early stages of w/d.


I am sorry you are at the Salvation Army while going through this.  Do they offer any help for people going through w/d?

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