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Study, Aug/22: Identifying barriers and enablers for benzo (de)prescription...


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The full title of this Spanish study is "Identifying barriers and enablers for benzodiazepine (de)prescription: a qualitative study with patients and healthcare professionals".







Background: There has been a steadily growing trend in prescribing benzodiazepines over last decade. Spain is one of the countries where this class of drugs is most extensively prescribed by primary healthcare physicians. The aim of this study is to identify factors that might be acting as barriers and enablers for benzodiazepine (de)prescription from patient and professional perspectives.


Methods: Qualitative study through semi-structured interviews with medical practitioners (n=17) and patients (n=27), and a nominal group with medical practitioners (n=19). Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed and analyzed using thematic analysis.


Results: The analysis revealed key themes and was organized around barriers and enablers connected to three interrelated dimen-sions: the social and community context of prescription; the structure, organization and/or management of the health system, and the doctor-patient relationship. The excessive workload of professionals was widely cited as influencing over-prescription. (De)prescription of benzodiazepine was facilitated by encouraging the social prescription of health assets or developing strategies to therapeutic alliance processes and better doctor-patient communication.


Conclusion: Our findings suggest that there is a role for the salutogenic approach and the health asset model in the development of a more person-centred clinical care. This study considers the importance of encouraging the use of non-pharmacological methods and techniques in the health system and promoting the creation of multidisciplinary teams, therapeutic alliance processes and better doctor-patient communication by giving professionals training in psychosocial skills.



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