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7.5 zopicone taper


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Hello my fellow taper friends

Ive recently been in adrug rehab facility who unbeknowst to me didnt have any experience with Zopicone withdrawal.They tried to taper me from 15mgs of zopicone to zero in 30 days.

It has been so brutal I insisted that I hold at 7.5mgs on release.I also have breast cancer and am deeply concerned how this rapid withdrawal was effecting my body.

Id love some advise on how to taper from this amount once Ive stabilised.


Thankyou so much


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You mentioned in another post that you will be holding until you see your doctor, do you want to have a plan to present to him or do you want to begin your taper before?
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Merry Cristmas

I’d like a plan to discuss with him if possible

I really trust you guys on here and not the doctors

I don’t care if it takes me all year!!


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Hello, annadh.


Do you wish to implement a symptom-based taper?  If so, I suggest you plan your taper one reduction at a time.  Why?  Because you will be adjusting your plan on a regular basis depending on how you respond to reductions.


Is your prescriber willing to support a symptom-based taper?  If not (or if you don’t know), I encourage you to read the Colorado Consortium’s Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidance Document (see link below). In a nutshell, what you want your prescriber to be aware of and agree to is the Tapering Principles in Section 3. 


Depending on your relationship with your prescriber, you may find it helpful to share the entire document with him/her.  It’s evidence-based, clear, concise, and current (published in 2022). 


What dosage forms of zoplicone are available in your country?  Tablets?  What strength(s)?  Are they scored?  Liquid?  What concentration(s)?


What test reduction amount do you wish to try?  (The Colorado Consortium recommends an initial trial reduction of 5% or less.)



Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidance Document (target audience is prescribers)



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Thankyou for your response

Just out of rehab and have contracted covid.Ive had to up my dose which is very disappointing but im trying not to beat myself up.Im very aware that the rapid detox has caused me all sorts of unnessesary pain.

My Doctor is very good and I will be seeing a Physciatrist who ive worked with before and i trust.

Im going to go for a very slows taper 10% per month as a suggestion.

I actually dont care how long it takes as long as its going down.I just need to be stable to deal with lifes challenges at the mpment.


best A

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