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I need help with the math and schedule for Clonazepam liquid titration.


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Can someone help me figure out how to do the math and a schedule to do a liquid titration? And how to do it?

This is my 3rd time trying to taper and in no rush this time. The last taper was hard and that's why I am here today.


I take generic clonazepam yellow pill that weighs around 200g on the jeweler's scale.

Out of that, I take 133g weight on scale which is 0.3325mg.


I used to take .25mg but after the last taper, I had to up the dose a little to try and stabilize. It didn't help and Doctor wants me to take .25mg twice a day.  I just don't want to take more as it is not working as before but it did relieve some symptoms. (Any advice here is welcome)


Thank you.









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Do you plan to use a compounding pharmacy or make your own with your pills?


I think I want to try doing it myself first and see how it goes.

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Are you familiar with the different methods for preparing your solution?  It looks like you’ve tapered thus far by weighing your doses?  So we’re going to need to figure out what where you are in your dry taper and convert that to a liquid dose, mmmm, I’m going to need to bring in someone smarter than me to figure this out.  Do I have your dilemma articulated correctly?


What about taper rate, how fast have you been going?



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