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Tapering Liquid Valium 2x daily, should I keep the dose's the same?


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I am tapering at a rate of 5% every 2 weeks, so 10% a month by doing a DLMT.  I have had to hold for travel (airplane) and Hurricane Ian!  The airplane went well I am happy to report!  I was nervous due to the dizziness Valium sometimes causes me, but took Dramamine before the flight and was good- Thank God!


Anyway, This is my dose for the next week:  It didn't post correctly from Excel.  The first column is the Morning Dose, second column is the evening dose (right before bed) and the 3 column is the Total daily dose. 


My Question is:  Should I continue to keep the 2 doses (Morning & Evening) as close to the same as possible?  I was thinking of reducing the morning dose first, but am re-thinking that deeply.  Would keeping both doses as close as I can get them help with keeping the levels of this evil drug in my system more equal and easy to taper?




11/11/2022 6.16 6 12.16

11/12/2022 6.11 6 12.11

11/13/2022 6.06 6 12.06

11/14/2022 6.02 6 12.02

11/15/2022 5.97 6 11.97

11/16/2022 5.93 6 11.93

11/17/2022 5.88 6 11.88


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Hi Cooper5


I can’t tell you one way is better than the other, but I am doing what you’re suggesting. Im reducing 2.5% from both of my valium doses (total 5%). If I feel things need to change at some point, I’ll make that call then. For the moment, I like the idea of tapering both doses equally.

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I have been micro-tapering for years now.  I started tapering valium from 4 x's per day to now I'm at 1x/day dose.  I found it easier for me to taper off one daily dose at a time rather than reducing all of them, but it probably works either way.  Since valium has such a long half life, I knew that the frequency per day would not change anything, and it psychologically helped me to work towards having to cope with this situation less times per day.  Good luck!

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