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Hi everyone and water titration of clonex/clonezapam getting stuff to dissolve


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I am trying water titration of 0.5 mg Clonazepam (Clonex.)  I have already reduced 4% of my tablet this way with no w/d.


I have just joined to ask a few questions about getting the tablets to dissolve or stay in suspension. I am having trouble getting it to stay in suspension in water.  I'm thinking of trying milk... but how do you know the tablet has dissolved entirely as milk is not see through like water?



I was born in the UK. I now live in Israel. Therefore maybe the local brand of Clonezapam is different to what most American (?) members here are using.

Still I am sure others must have encountered the problem of getting tablets to dissolve.


I will properly ask my quick questions when my membership is approved.


It's geat to have found this board

Many Thanks

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Hello fibrogirl!  Welcome to Benzobuddies.


It seems like you have the tracks already in place for your recovery  ;)  Was .5 the highest dose you were ever on?


Milk is better than water for titration because the particles stay suspended evenly throughout the milk longer than they do in water do to the fat.  That doesn't mean you can't be successful with using water, many members do.  If you have issues with using milk, I have read people having success with other substitutes like Soy.  As long is there is some fat in it should work just as well. 


I never went through titration so I am by no means an expert in it, but if you make sure the milk solution is well shaken, the crushed pills should be pretty evenly diffused.  If you make your solution every day I don't think you have anything to worry. 


Some titration gurus should be along shortly to further allay your concerns.  I hope your titration continues to go smoothly.



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Hi fibrogirl:


Welcome to BB.  Some brands of Clonazepam will dissolve well in water on their own, and some will not.  However, I believe all brands will suspend well enough in water if you use a mortar and pestle to crush your pill.  This process makes a fine dust that suspends quite nicely.  My own experience has led me to believe that there is no significant difference between using milk or water as a liquid, provided you crush the pill adequately.  The advantage to using water is that you can see the suspension.  I have titrated both Klonopin and Lexapro in water with no problems (mortar and pestle for both).  Give it a try and see what you come with.





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as draftsman indicates, the clono really does not  dissoulve in any solution but stays suspended when crushed to a fine powder and stirred  into whatever medium suits your fancy.  I used both milk and water, but ended up using water because I liked seeing the powder floating in the water when I dumped out the throw away part.  Crush to fine powder stir in liquid and then immediately throw away the amount you are discarding ,and drink the rest and you will be fine.


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Thank you for the kind replies.

I see on milk verses water it's a case of trying each and seeing which is best.


I'll try to crush the pill more. I skipped the mortar and pestles stage because I found that if you just cut the pill in quarters using a pill cutter and then tossed it into water, it came apart on it's own. Especially if you use warm water.


Maybe I'll try to pre crush the tablet like Draftsman says. I  did not really want to use the mortar and pestle because I have constant muscle pain. It is a condition called fibromyalgia, hence my username. It makes crushing tablets and physical exersion painful but I'll have a go just once and see if it works better. 


(My fibromyalgia is how I got benzopines and antidepressant lobbed at me by doctors as there is very little treatment for the illness.)


It'll be some time before I come back on this forum as I need time to experiment with these options.

Thank so much for the support

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I've read that yogurt is a good suspension medium. If the pill is crushed well and stirred into the yogurt for 3 minutes you will have a pretty well distributed solution. The prolen I see is measuring the yogurt. In which case one of those yogurt smoothies could work well as long as the powder is fine and stirred well.
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