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Are Quick Taper /withdrawal Meds in Pharm Pipeline?


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Oh boy. The more I read, the more scared I am.


My bane and undoing of 20 years, Klonopin, is now considered the world's most dangerous drug. Its use seriously disturbs--badly rewires?--brain function, and coming of it is worse.


Looked at an ad for a so-called rapid Xanax detox place in Florida, and read that the symptom ppl here refer to as "brain zaps" are pretty much that--a sign that scary and destructive electrochemical/electircal--forget here which one--activity is taking place. I had brain and body zaps the last time some clueless piece of alphabet soup tried to ramp me down pretty much cold turkey--that, and something that looks a lot like clinical agoraphobia.


Physically, I'm in a place where chaos reigns, and am being forced to reenter the work-finding and -doing process while I await a disabiity ruling. How do I do that with brain zaps, head shakes, a lost voice, and derealiztion/depersonalization? Rhetorical question, but still...


So: some readers may see this as a stupid or fox-henhouse kind of question. Nevertheless, I *hope* that some compound designed to facilitate the taper process (to speed it up AND soften it) is in the works. I hope someone here can answer my question with a yes.


Scared silly,


jd :-[

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Hi jd:


Could I please ask that you add a signature line?  It helps people respond to posts.  The detox place in Florida you speak of has come up in discussions on the forum here before.  As I recall, their methodology was not looked upon favorably.  Brain zaps are discussed in more detail here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSRI_discontinuation_syndrome.  I have not heard that they are a sign of destructive activity taking place.  Withdrawal from a benzo is a very difficult and drawn out process, but one in which healing eventually takes place.  There does not appear to be any compound that speeds up or softens the process.  Time and patience appear to be the best options available.  I hope you feel better.



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I am a big computer dummy, one who pretty much slept through the revolution. Among other things, I am also ADD, have self-medicated almost thirty years with alcohol being the common denominator, and long story shorter, do not know how to contrive a signature.


Can't find the instructions, but if I had, I probably wouldn't have been able to follow them.


There is recent bad press about benzos and brain damage; just consider the weight of the grief there.


Anyway, I will present here my email, and I hope that you will take a minute to send me explicit, and very simple (i.e., no computerese) instructions on how to set up a signature. Hope my request is not too intrusive.





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I wonder if that was the same Florida Detox I went to who actually gave me brain zaps by taking me off too fast!
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