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Oh my god this SUCKS!!! :( Help

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I've been trying to come off 1mg Klonopin for about 2 months now. I got down to .25 a few weeks ago (I know... too fast...) and the w/d symptoms just keep getting worse and worse. I had been taking 1 to 1.5mg of Klonopin for about 3 years off and on. My doc put me on Phenobarbital to come off cold turkey.


I absolutely hate it. I had a panic attack last night because it felt like I was dying/losing control with the drug. (I've NEVER had a panic attack before.... anyone else get these coming off benzos??) Needless to say, I literally did not sleep a wink. I tried calling  my doctor and  their answering service only contacts him on weekends for emergencies, so I have to wait until Monday.



I don't know what to take to help me sleep now that I have the barb in my system. It got rid of the w/d symptoms and relaxed me, but I'm not comfortable taking it. I want to maybe try switching to Valium and coming down off of that?? Is that relatively symptom-free?





PS. has anyone else experienced debilitating brain fog from Klonopin??? I started getting it, as well as insomnia and neck pain, shortly after I started taking it but I never connected the symptoms until now. That brain fog is the worst thing in the world!

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Hi Holly,


I agree with all your have said.  I haven't even tapered yet and feel awful from tolerance.  I am new at this and can't offer too much advice, but can offer encouragement and will keep you in my prayers.  Take care.  Shiloh

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Hi Holly:


I did a C/O to valium to taper off ativan.  Sigma is tapering off valium from a C/O from K.  Oleander just completed her taper from 60 mg. valium from a C/O from Klonipin.  Sorry to hear you are having horrible WD sxs -- hopefuly, a mod will be along to help with good advice. 


I know you can taper off K if you so desire.  I've done a lot of research and from Dr. Ashton's writings, Klonipin and ativan bind tightly to our GABA receptors.  Valium can help dislodge this tight binding and might be a smoother taper for you.  1 mg Klonipin = 20 mg. valium, so you would be at a higher dose of valium.  Higher doses of valium can contribute to depression and sedation -- all things you need to know before you start the C/O.  But I know the sedation and depression does get better with time and reduction of dose.  Accurate C/O time from K to valium before starting your taper is very important.  3-4 weeks is necessary to accumulate the valium metabolites in your system to prevent interdosing withdrawals.


I'll be thinking of you and hope you get some excellent guidance in your decision.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

God bless,


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I crossed from Klonopin to Valium, and no it's not symptom free, but it's smoother to come off of. (This is just my experience).


I had Panic Attacks before any Benzo. I have had a few panic attacks coming off the Valium, but I know it is a symptom. A panic attack is not fatal, if they were I wouldn't be here today. I had them constantly sometimes before the Benzo. I am not finished with my taper yet.. so whether or not they will come back full force, and I will get hit my a meteor of them.. I cannot say.

As I have tapered off the Valium.. I feel better in many ways, but still there is withdrawal.

Again, this is my experience.


PS. has anyone else experienced debilitating brain fog from Klonopin???


Yes!!! When I was on Klonopin.. I had brain fog that was debilitating. I couldn't think or anything.

It was like a blanket of fog that smothered me, only way I can explain it.


Hopefully others will weigh in.



Take care,



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I feel for you, as no one warned me.. I am 3 weeks off and feeling a lot better...

The neck pain is part of this as I carried and still to some degree carry a lot of tension in my neck and upper back.

massages did the trick when it got really really bad... One day, I literally had to hold my head in my hands at my desk because my neck could not hold the weight of it!


As others have said, 1 of K is 20 m of Valium, so when we cut our K pills in half, you are making a 50% cut.. ( if I am wrong please correct me buddies) So its a huge drop, although my doctor said it was a tiny cut...


You will get a lot of support here and try your best to get your mind ready for this process.. It's very hard but as I said, I am 3 weeks off and feeling so much better...

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