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I always feel kinda "brain dead" is that normal? will it ever go away?


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Been on 6 mgs day ativan 3 yrs (had this feeling for about the last 2 1/2 ) I just managed to switch to

2x10 mg valium day

1x 2mg ativan night (uggh)

45 mg remeron night (?????)

150 mg neurontin night


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Hi what2do:


Yes feeling "brain dead" is a common experience reported on the boards here.  It's affectionately called cog fog.  It will go away with time, but it can take quite a while.  How are you doing with your taper?  Have you thought about discussing with your doctor switching everything over to Valium?  It has a longer short life than Ativan.





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Im not doing good with my doc. He seems to hate ashton. I basically started tapering on my own with some valium I already had (he had a total FIT!) Its been almost 3 weeks and ive been ok except the last 3 days got SUPER anxiety and had to take ativan ( I dont know how hes going to react, Im afraid he"ll put me in a hospital.(He has threatened me with it before,0 Ive been there and didnt like it at all but am so desperate to get off this stuff I dont know what to do. going to try to get back on the taper today.

oh yeah,  had to keep the 2 mg ativan for now because absolutely no sleep without it.


My mind seems very fragile at this time and im pretty isolated. Any and all advise appreciated.



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