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Working while on Taper/In Withdrawal--Help

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Hi all--


I am in the process of applying for disability, but my present circumstances dictate that I must work.

In women's homeless shelter--nonstop chaos.

On Klonopin 20 yrs, from 4 mgs to 2 to 0.5/24 hours; the 0.5 is not holding me.

Had agreed to long-term taper before becoming homeless; anxiety back up there.

Psydrug regimen: 150 mgs Wellbutrin on rising

                              20 mgs fluoxetine on rising

                              150 mgs trazadone at sleep

                              0.5 mgs klonopin at sleep

                    1200 mgs-2 g  Neurontin throughout day (given to me by friend; doc will not go that high).


Neurontin as a cushion for Klon withdrawal/taper.


I've been having mini-panics a few times every several days. Lots of stress re: how to survive in such a place. Now, work--interviews, a job itself, a disability hearing w/ a real live judge. Anxiety to be through roof.



Have c/t'd before--head shakes, lost voice, muscle twitches, brain and body zaps, a feeling of being about to rocket through ceiling. TThis is not c/t; still a lot of preemptive anxiety here. Dealing w/ ppl the worst. Would like old-time asylum. Ideas on how to deal with this stuff needed. Thank you for reading.



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