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Whoa low in Testosterone for years! Is this number really low??


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35 year old male this is the 2nd time I've got my testosterone tested and last one I did at noon hour said my serum or final Testosterone levels were 6.6 and to the right it says the normal range is from

8 to 28 ???

Is this in nano grams or? Any input please would be great am I super low?

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Have you asked your health care provider to help you understand your test results?  I would try not to interpret the results yourself.  I don't know anything about your test but I know that in some cases results can fall outside of the "normal" range and still not be worrisome.  There can be a numbers of factors at play so please don't jump to conclusions without discussing it with a trusted health professional.
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I had this problem after Covid. At first, I didn't understand what was going on, and after doing blood tests, it turned out that my testosterone level was low. A doctor told me that Covid might decrease testosterone levels and that could potentially cause erectile dysfunction. I was on Generic Cialis for several months, and also went through therapy, but fortunately, everything is fine now.
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You would need more information to know exactly what is going on.  I mean lack of sleep, stress, infections and coming off these drugs can wreck your t levels.  I am sure you are cortisol and estrogen dominant especially if you are withdrawing.  I am assuming you are discussing your free testosterone?  What was your total T levels?  Did they test for SHBG?  Was it high?  Did they test for Estradiol was it high?  It's also possible you have a high level of SHBG if your Free T is normal.  And it is possible you have high aromatize enzyme converting your testosterone into estrogen.  Adipose tissues produce this enzyme, so I don't know if you carry extra fat? If so losing weight helps cut down on aromatize activity or a aromatize inhibitor can be use to block conversion of testosterone in estrogen. In addition, you could consider D-Aspartic Acid.  If is a non essential amino acid that has shown to increase  testosterone in animal studies.  It aids in the production of luteinizing hormone which tells your boys to produce test.  There is another possible natural remedy that is quite disgusting but shows efficacy in rat models.  Onion juice again has been shown to increase luteinizing hormone and increase test in rats. 


Depending on the problem there are other medications too that can help raise and or attempt to jump start production of Testosterone.  And at the end of the day TRT is pretty widely available if worst comes to worst.



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I can understand why you want to get it tested. I thought about it myself a few times. But im not going to, because i get morning Wood every morning and two times later during the day even when I relieve myself. So I know its pretty high. Sorry for being abit grafic. Im 34 years old and still in protracted withdrawal. But you can always "listen" to your body that way, there are signs from the body of low t and high levels.
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