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DIY benzo wafers. Simple way to make micro waffers.


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I'm personally not a fan of liquid tapers. The feel of a benzo dissolving under my tongue makes me feel much more confident that I'm getting the precise dosage.  (I'm not sure if it really works this way but it works for me)


Very simple way to get homemade micro wafers.


Here's what I did in the pics below. Used glass from picture frame and graph paper.


1. Dissolve.0.25mg Clonazepam in 3 drops of water.on glass.

2. Mix throughly and allow to dry into a "slurry"

3.place glass on graph paper and Manipulate slurry into square

4. Slice and dice as needed

5. Allow to fully dry


This is four 0.0625mg doses for sublingual dose







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Was your clonazepam tablet originally meant to be take sublingually?


It works well for me. I've always taken sublingual for anxiety attacks

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Interesting method you've come up with but I hope anyone considering using it would proceed with caution.  Getting the doses even split could be challenging.  I'm glad it works for you.
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