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Nightmares that would make Stephen King cry

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Recently I've been having the most unsettling nightmares. I'm almost certain that a huge factor in them are from the sleep aids I've deemed necessary. After leaving treatment for the benzodiazepines I wasn't made aware that the gabapentin I was taking had withdrawal. You'd think I learned after the benzo's. Anyways I had RLS and akathisia. I didn't sleep for a week straight so I surrendered and decided to try some medications. Now I'm on Doxepin, Propanol, and Hydroxyzine. 

  My nightmares are literally the most unsettling, horrid thrillers that if my brain didn't have that anti-adrenaline chemical being pumped out I would probably have screamed myself into a Baker Act. They are terrible. Gut-wrenching. So so so so scary.


I've read around and I see anti-histamines are a huge factor in Nightmares and I'm Wondering if any of you have found any compounds or solutions. I'm aware of routines, mantras, and exercise and if you have anything in specific that helps you please leave a comment below. I'm really wondering if their isn't any other medications that are NOT anti-histamines or Z drugs.


I Think tonight Ill avoid the doxepin and hydroxyzine. I seriously am considering buying a Dream Catcher.

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My doctor won't prescribe me Propanol for my high blood pressure.  He says it can produce nightmares.  My age too for some reason. 
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Thought I would chime in.


I know exactly what you are experiencing.  I was taking hydroxyzine and even 10mg gives me very vivid frightening dreams.  Actually, even if I took melatonin I would have at least vivid dreams.  I stay away from that now.  Time and endurance is the only true healer. 


Peace to you



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Both doxepin and hydroxyzine are heavy antihistamines! I'm surprised they would even prescribe both at once.....oh wait....no I'm not. Geez!

I mean doxepin is an AD but really it's sleep properties are antihistamine.

Bet your mouth is real dry too.


It sucks because there is not many things that make you drowsy the way benzos or z drugs or antihistamines do.

Magnesium can be calming for some. Different herb teas like chamomile can be calming for some. CBD and or THC can be calming for some. L-theanine can be calming.

There are some more but I can't think of them.

But here's the deal......none of those worked for me. In the end, I had to ride out the brutal insomnia.

But don't think I didn't try!!!!!!!!!......


So who knows, maybe some of those would help you?

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