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20 years and beyond on Klonopin. I managed to stop completely years ago, so yes, it's possible!


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Hi to all my new friends!

I've been taking clonazepan (klonopin in the US if I'm not mistaken) for almost half my life. I'm almost 50 and was started in the drug since I was 26. The main reason I really want to take it out of my life, is that I've developed dependency and much tolerance to it - and have run out of it in a couple of situations abroad (terrible experiences of course). It's never comfortable to know you are dependent on something to feel good, or even not to feel miserable.

I'm a hopeful man and I fight, never giving up. That's why I gladly joined this community. I think sharing experiences is one of the greatest supports to us all with a similar goal like that, and you people can always count on me for that.


Kind regards from Brazil.

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Hello Traveller1973 :hug: Welcome to Benzobuddies!


We are glad you joined our community.  You have been through it before, so you have an idea what to expect.  We are here for you, and you will get plenty of support from our caring community.  Withdrawal can be horrendous for some of us, but its worth it to be free.  Have you started tapering yet?  It’s generally suggested to reducing between 5% and 10% every 10 - 14 days.  Please post your questions on any of the dedicated boards.


The Ashton Manual, is a great resource for understanding the effect benzo’s have on our body.  It provides withdrawal information and includes a list of common symptoms 


I'll leave you a few links:


The Ashton Manual

Planning Your Withdrawal (TaperPlans)


You might also like to post here


Klonopin Klub


If you would like to add a signature (history of meds/doses etc) to help members give you relevant advice.  Please go to the top of the page and select PROFILE then choose forum profile then insert drug history into the text box and remember to click change profile


Welcome aboard



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Hello Traveller1973 and welcome to BB.

Your benzo introductory post is very similar to my initiation to benzos when I was 25, altho I was started on xanax.

This is a really good forum with lots of helpful members here. :)

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