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1 year of zopiclone - anyone else?


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1 year of zopiclone - anyone else?


« on: July 25, 2022, 12:01:35 pm »




I'm one year of zopiclone from a cold turkey, and still feeling sooo awful with a lot of pain, burning brain, headaches, chest pain, etc.

I would so much like to hear, if there are anyone else having this?

I also CTed an antidepressant 17 months ago, which probably didn’t make it better.



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My symptoms are:


This is my list:



Brain fog

Flu like feeling

Head aches, head pressure, dizziness, brain zaps

Pain in left ear, tinnitus

Blurry vision

Burning pain in brain and whole body

Strong muscle pains

Joint pain and stiff joints

Chest pains

Pain in sternum

Sore throat, difficult to sink

Stomach pain and difficult to digest.


Inner tremor

Feeling of electric waves through body and brain

Vivid dreams sometimes

Lack of motivation - difficult to do anything...


So yes - also GI

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