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elation and excitability..

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Okay, so I am at 4.5mgs of diazapam, 18 month dependency and slow taper.

Lots of other factors at play.

History of depression and anxiety but I would call myself a pretty high functioning individual!! Not always emotionally stable...

Erm, been getting some elation. Today I couldn't stop talking, at work I was kinda outing myself about stuff, getting over involved, interupting etc. I was aware but couldnt stop it. Got a bit scared, felt like I was on speed in my work environment.  I took 5mgs of diazepam.

This is pretty heavy shit!

I am a mental health nurse, I have mood swings but it was a bit mental today. I lost my Dad last year and today I just felt out of control. I'm used to the lows not the highs.

What shall I do?

I have come home, am alot calmer. I had 10mgs promethazine and 15mgs zopiclone and a couple of beers.

I thought I had my bike stolen last week then found it tonight, I had forgotten where I locked it...erm.oops.

Feel afraid to talk to drug counsellor cos she knows what I do and deffo not going to GP...

Do people get this when withdrawing?

anyone know?

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It is difficult to say GreenTea.  That could be a withdrawal symptom or it could be a side-effect from the other medications.  If it is due to the other medications it is more likely to be because of the promethazine than the zopiclone.


I found this amongst the possible side effects of promethazine..


mental or mood changes (eg, agitation, delirium, exaggerated sense of well-being, excitability, hysteria, nervousness)


Not to be a buzz killer, but I wouldn't get too carried away in using beers or any type of alcohol to bring you down from your highs while going through benzo withdrawal.

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I had a full-on manic episode when I was going on an SSRI. It made me feel like I could conquer the world. Since I have been off of Clonazepam I had one 3-4 hour window that was similar. It felt great but it wasn't quite the rush I got from the SSRI. I don't think it was mania- it was more like my senses had just awakened temporarily after having been dulled for so long from the benzo.


If you are on a psych drug cocktail there's no way of knowing what caused it. Rest assured it's not going to stay around forever though.


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cheers guys. Puts some perspective on it. i wondered whether my senses have been dulled and its that...it has passed but am feeling more energetic and confident generally but that is no bad thing!!!

I am going easy on the beer, i think you are right about that.


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