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Went cold turkey 2 years ago and still with symptoms


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I have already started a thread here My 1st thread

As you can see that I am looking for someone who can make my parents understand that what I'm going through are withdrawal symptoms.I am from India and this country is very corrupt.My parents are telling me that its all in my head and not to read the Ashton manual the only thing that gives me hope,I cannot go through recovery like this with my parents discouraging me and then they took me to a psychiatrist who says I've multiple personality disorder all these people are freaking me out.I have an aunt in the US but she is not replying to my mails.

I need to bring her to this forum and then make her talk to my parents.

And I forgot to mention that my patience is running out!!

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I"m so sorry you are going thru this. Many of our member have problems with family members not being supportive or believing in what is happening.

That's where this forum is so helpful.

You have to see that their disbelief is THEIR problem and not yours. It sounds like you won't convince them so you need to let it go in your mind, and you just concentrate on what you are doing and eventually you will heal and this all will pass.  ;)


I will go read your other thread.

Just hang with us and we will help get you through this, ok?

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Dear Viky, your condition might make you think you are unlucky, but finding this place is luckiest thing you could have done.


Listen to these guys, they are the best in the world when it comes to advice and guidance. Follow their directions to the letter. Have no doubts or fears, but if you do, say them.


Write often, and check back often. Several times a day is fine. Share anything you want...have no shame about anything.


This is the beginning of the end of your benzo dependance. You are going to make it!!!! Just be patient, and never, never give up. :thumbsup:


I'm only a month ahead of you, so we will go through this together. Welcome, Buddy.



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Hi Viky,


I am new here but it is a good place for you to be.  I've seen many people be labeled many different things when going through w/d.  It is very common.


So Sorry about your family.  You can have a family here for now who will understand exactly what your going through.


Keep posting, read some others it will help.  You'll make it if you stay close and have support.


Hugs for you,

E. :) :)

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