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hallo everyone


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I am five months since my last dose o klonopine

I was prescribed this medicine for sleep be my psychiatrist.I was taking it together for 10 months with last two months tapering Hell of a trip last couple months.Right now i am going through rough time with urination and my prostate.All tests are ok.So what next and how much longer........Stupid question i know.

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Hello remek666  :hug: Welcome to BenzoBuddies.


We're glad you’re here,  congratulations on being benzo free.  The time it takes to recover varies from person to person, but we do eventually recover from this experience. You will get plenty of support to get you through it, you will get better so hang in there.


I will leave you a link to the Ashton Manual, it is a definitive resource about these medications. It helps in understanding the effect benzo’s have on our body.  It provides withdrawal information and includes a list of common symptoms 


I will leave a few links for you to check out:


The Ashton Manual


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


Members can respond with the best information if they know your medication history.  Go to the top of the page and select PROFILE then choose forum profile then insert drug history into the text box and remember to click change profile


Welcome aboard



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