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Help ? on pure Clonazapam


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I found a compounding pharmacy that would make me tablets for tapering.  He says he uses pure Clonazapam and then would add fillers.  Is pure clonazapam subjective meaning, you here rouche is weaker then teva, does it depend on the fillers?


I use teva and am concerned about a switch. 




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Tip of the hat for reaching out to a compounding pharmacist for assistance.  A suitably qualified, experienced, and reputable compounding pharmacist can be a valuable ally during benzodiazepine discontinuation.


By ‘pure clonazepam’ does your compounding pharmacist mean he would use the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or API (sometimes referred to as the ‘bulk chemical’) as the drug source instead of regular tablets?


If so, then I personally would want to know more about the formulation he is proposing to use.  Did he develop the formulation himself or has it been ‘vetted’ by other suitably qualified individuals/entities?  What excipients does it include? What is the function of each excipient?  (The excipients in both compounded and manufactured dosage forms are not ‘just fillers’ — see the article linked below for details.)


fyi brand Klonopin, manufactured by Genentech/Roche and the generic clonazepam manufactured by Teva contain the API (clonazepam) as well as other excipients.


Article link:

Excipient selection for compounded pharmaceutical capsules: they’re only fillers, right?



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I agree with Liberta's and may try compounding capsules down the road. Your pharmacist may let you

use your Teva with a Dr's script. My pharmacy told me a while back when inquired that they would use  what I have.


I found Roche to be stronger than Teva and more consistent as it is the Brand. It was too strong for me. I had been on Teva for so many years and got used to it.


Hope this helps.



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