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Hi , greetings from Athens Greece.


Reason is that i find usefull tapering info here and have problems

Long story , my hell started with tinnitus from acoustic trauma and other ear issues, couldnt slept for 14 days, then on tavor for sleep, then the real hell started, almost ready to sucide, reached 8mg lorazepam.

All antidepresants made new tinitus sounds and madecmy tinnutus worst. A doctor together with this site info how to split doses and swap, manage to switched to clonazepam. You actually saved me.


Clonotril lowers my tinnitus.


Currently for 8 months on :

Clonotri 2mg per night

Seroquel 19.5 mg per night

Citalopram 7.1mg day, dont know when better


I am not good and cant stabilize , seroquel interacts with citalopram and mess things up, lowering citalopram from 7.5 mg to 7.1 had a tremendous improvement in tinnitus, but after a month of dizziness and memory loss , i stabilized in citalopram ok but the previous dosage of seroquel 20.8 mg made me sleepy all day, maybe because of the clonotril also.


They only drug that seems to be good on me is clonotril.

Seroquel is hell, was on 25 hell to reach 21, now i am trying to stabilize at 19.5 but is hell, if now take more i am sleepy all day.


Cita 7.5 made be more energetic, but needed also more seroquel 21 mg to cover the tinitus from seroquel due to his high H1 potency....


Also maybe i am cursed, there was shortage in clonotril remedica in greece, and tried 1st time Rivotril roche...i was send to the ER, roche knocked me out , was very strong same dosage, had headeaches, tinnitus , slower disolve, sleepy all day, a total bomb.


After 2 days switched back to clonotril remedica cyprus which is lighter, smoother and was normal again !


But dont have many pills left from remedica, they have shortage here..


Also tapering seroquel even 1mg is hell for me for 3 months.


Bought a high precision scale from Germany 0.01 mg.


Thats my story.


Thx gus you saved my life, for a while with splitting this tavor hell to 2 doses and managed to get rid of it with clonazepam.


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Hello StefanosZZ, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Congratulations on being Lorazepam free but it sounds like you have a great many challenges, how can we help you?  We have many members working their way off of the many drugs they've been given through the years which don't seem to help anymore so you'll be in good company.


I'll provide some links to the forum plus some other resources, I'm wondering if you've heard of https://www.survivingantidepressants.org/, they deal specifically with A/D withdrawal.


We're glad you found us and hope we can help you.




Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


Other Medications   

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Hi mate and thx for accepting me.


Yes these 3 drugs together complicate things.

I will try to stabilize next 15 days with seroq at 19.5 mg and see how it goes.


Clonotril works well on me, but got panic attacks when realized that rivos affect me so much vs clonotril, inmean its the same API, maybe next time will try 1.5 rivo


The idea is to tapper generally a bit, but dont know where to start, and seroquel has strange interactions with celexa...


All doctors here are idiots, one said you reduce celexa every week, i drop 10% and had brain fog and memory loss for 20 days...6 weeks needed i think .


Regarding benzos, dont mention it....worse total ignorance


Anyway thx again for the support, i will come back ..


I found on reddit that in clonazemap there can be APIs diffs among various brands, but didnt expect that, maybe the fillers. Rivs are stronger and disolve slower...


Thx again!!!





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