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Pain increase during monthly cycle - immune issues - potential Lyme & Bartonella


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Hello Everyone,

I don't frequently visit here, as I tend to spiral down disastrous holes, so I've come here to ask a few questions.


1. My worst and most pervasive symptom since withdrawal has been fibromyalgia type pain.  This pain worsens dramatically right before and during my monthly cycle, which is just now starting to regulate somewhat.  Though, I still experience horrific cramps and heavy bleeding.  Does anyone know why the pain increases with hormonal fluctuations?  Do our hormone levels cause waves?  Is there hope for healing this?


2.  Before I knew I was in withdrawal, I traveled to every doctor under the sun, including Cleveland Clinic where I was seen by their rheumatology department and their osteopathic medicine department (I think I'm remembering that name correctly - who knows!).  They said my ANA was elevated dramatically, but no evidence of disease at all.  I'm guessing this is common for withdrawal?  I later saw another doctor who tested me for lyme and co-infections.  I came back inconclusive for Lyme, but positive for Bartonella. 


I should add that after I was cold turkeyed off Xanax, I was placed on Cymbalta.  I have tapered from 198 microbeads, now down to 30.  It was been fresh hell every single day tapering off of this stuff.  I feel exhausted all the time, and I'm in so much pain. 


I guess I'm asking for hope to heal from this pain.  I'm 34, and I don't want to keep continuing like this.  Please - any encouragement and advice would be helpful.

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