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Using the CIWA-B - Please help!


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Hello y'all,


I am tapering Xanax. Currently I am at 3.5 mg per day, 2 doses (2.5 night, 1 mg morning). I plan on cutting to 3.25 (around 7.5%) on Monday. I have some symptoms but quite manageable. (Yesterday evening right before my dose self-measured 17/80 on CIWA-B).


I have printed out several copies of the CIWA-B as people have encouraged me to self-monitor my withdrawal symptoms. I am looking for advice on how and when to use it (e.g., the day after a cut vs. 2 days after, once a week vs. multiple times a week, etc.).


Also interested in how to interpret the results, e.g., if symptoms are mild stick with cut and move forward, what to do if they're moderate, etc.??...


Also--when are the symptoms worst after a cut? My guess would be 2-3 days out but I don't have any info backing that up.


So many questions! As I was looking at my .75 mg dose this morning I thought "You are so little and yet so powerful..." LOL.


Anyway, THANK YOU for any help you can provide!!



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