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My theory on the de realization / psychosis detox effect


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// to mods idk where to post this.

//It’s rough around the edges and I still am doing a lot of reading .

//Please move to anywhere that makes more sense as I gather more information to help people experiencing this //symptom.



First off your not alone .


It isn’t permanent.


The best description I can give is , it feels like you had a concussion…


Nothing feels real , memories , short term , are weird .


This happened to me around day 5 of cold Turkey Xanax detox.


I know I’m dumb. But in my defense . I had never had any detox sideffects ever in the past .


Boy was this time different.


The theory .


For those here not abusing or from abusing … maybe you experienced blackouts similiar to alchol ?


I never have . Ever . Not on Xanax or other wise ..


But I think oddly during detox this is what’s happening in a bizzare way anterior grade amnesia.


That’s why it felt so oddly similar to a concussion.


I don’t understand why or how ..


My other major sideffects were my preception on time . Which is actually tied to that form of amnesia ..


I hope this doesn’t scare anyone .


Theory 2.


Neurons too fast .


I’m probably not alone in that feeling … you feel like your brain is being ripped apart Z


Everything is speeding up . You have been sedated for however long .


Now your Nerons are firing around so fast .


Too fast infact .


The body is an amazing thing Z


Possibly the detachment effect , the derealization etc … is simply your body thinking something is majorly wrong …


Your going into a self protect mode. You are detaching from reality as ur ego is coming in to protect itself .


It took a larger dose than it should of for me to stem the derealization effects . It also took time . About a day .


Which supports that theory.


My tolerance was very low after ten days of cold Turkey .


I thought .5 to 1 mg and  I would be back to normal .


Sort of .


Indeed my tolerance dropped


That dose kknocked me to sleep . Awesome . I hadn’t slept much for days.


To my horror I wake feeling the same derealization.


Dose again .


Still no break thru


I dose back to 3 mg which is my regular dose and almost instantly I’m back to normal .



I may have had it wrong.


It may not have been the dose amount . But the time .


My gut tells me the dose amount …


But my theory ..


If your brain is going into self protect mode like a concussion…


If you re sedate your self . It would and may in theory take time for the body to say “ hey coast is clear “



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