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Wave triggers...what are yours?


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I thought I'd make a post about waves and what triggers them for me. Yours may be different but please add them here. It might be helpful for someone who inadvertently cause a wave.


I've pretty confident these are my triggers; there could be more.

Aspartame- yup! Same day.

Caffeine- I have lowered my Caffeine intake to half cup in the morning. If I have any additional tea, coffee or soda during the day my ears will ringing badly.

Ibuprofen- this is disappointing because it is the only pain reliever I can take so I have weigh the consequences.

Overly tired- really causes a lot of symptoms.


This withdrawal has made me very careful and thoughtful about what I put in my body. It's like it has become super sensitive.



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For me it's pretty easy:


1. Stress

2. Doing too much

3. No sleep


And if I eat way too much candy I feel a little off too, but not as much as the 3 things mentioned. Eating unhealthy for too long makes me feel bad too.

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I am struggling with food.  I eat, and in 30 minutes I am getting a hard amp. I can't identify all the items, but know that sugar is one. It's tough trying to figure out what foods are causing these awful amps.


Also any medications, including OTC. Can't even take an antihistamine.



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