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14 months and still struggling

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Hi its taking me so long to feel good,even after all the tests I've had it still worries me that my brain doesn't work properly,I have alot of flash backs of the horrible withdrawals,my mind and emotions feel shut down as well as my memory,In my recovery doctors have tried different a/d but none have helped me cope with the mess my mind feels. I'm on epilim,seroquel to sleep and prestiq,the good thing is they say I don't have a mental illness so I'm trying to withdraw off these meds slowly,they have just dropped epilim from 1000mg to 500 and I'm hanging in there,I am so frightened what is going to happen when I stop all these because the state of my mind,I still feel fragile and confused. Is this normal for recovery I don't know anymore.I feel like I don't know myself anymore and feels like I'll never get my life back.Thanks Lisa
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