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Residential Rehab


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Hi All hope you are OK

I am new so hope this is ok and in the correct place.

I am keen and ready to start tapering and have a lot of experience Total over two years in Rehabs, both residential and day. 5 years previous cleann from over 160mg benzo a day.

I find myself in a position where i am ready to taper but being tottally isolated in a flat on my own with zero support, know full well this will be impossible without physical human intereaction and support. (i am very disabled) and have no physical support avaiable.

I believe as I have done before that I can stop over time if i put muself in the correct situation. (i have very limited funds.)

I am trying to find some sort of residential or day care situation, (which no longer exists anywhere in London (rest is now clossed to camdenden residents only and would not be enough)

My thoughts are that if I could find a residential (retreat) type situation I could make rapid progress. (with limited suppervision)

Options that have occured to are.

1. A standard rehab but very cheap like say costa rica (still very expensive)

2. Does anyone know about a good global "theraputic support community"I could apply to?

3. Get a doctor and group accomidation somewhere like Poland and spend my days doing voluntary work for Ukraine eg charity refugee aid packing ect. (i already work with about fifty online Ukrainians helping them but isolated at hope at the moment on my own).

4. Arrange my own accomodation in the phillapines with a doctor to oversee me, a houskeeper and a daily nurse visit whilst helping in some local voluntary group (have costed this and suprisingly cheap) a kind of DIY rehab.

I have really bad PTSD but it is related directly to the flat in London I am imprisioned in, so believe getting out even for a month or two would make a big difference.


I do talk to NHS but the only qualified hospital to treat me is the Slams. mordsley and to get in is a long and very stressfull endevoure which failed last time after eight gruliing months of red tape.


Hope this post is in the right place and any suggestions on residential possibilities at all would be most welcome  (I cannot afford standard uk rehabs nor have they ever been anything other than a huge money pit)


Thanks so much for reading this. and ay suggestions welcome



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Wow, if you can manage to travel, etc., guess you are not doing so badly!


I wish there was a 'benzo village' where injured people could live nearby to eachother and help eachother out. 


You would think in all the years some wealthy person would/could set it up?  Anyhow, if you hear of this, let me know! 



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@[ B...]

But there are bad days and worse days and sometime I can walk 100 yards.. I would plan everything as a wheelchair bound person.

I love the fact that you mention the Benzo village this has been a dream of mine for many years.

I am so not rich , but am working on such a plan with the help of some very qualified doctors and nurses in the Phillapines. Right now in the phillapines £2 an hour is a really good wage for a nurse with a degree in nursing, (I am going to build a website about this)  I do not think it is for everyone but a detox retreat resort with highly qualified doctors. nature yoga, meditaion and 24/7 care with a bunch of like minded people could work I think. I do not understand why it has not been done before. I have total probably 2.5 years in detox/rehabs and most of them were pointless and cost me my lifes savings. The last rehab I was in thought it was a good idea to reduce me from about 160mg valium a day to zero in less than two weeks, you can guess how well that went.


@ kate08 thank you very much for the link doctors in London would have any clue are like hens teeth. private doctors will not touch me with a 100 foot barge pole because of what had gone on before,  thanks again.

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