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Symptom progression


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How did symptoms progress and go away for you like you're most agreesive ones.


I had these intense head symptoms, face felt like there was this pressure, jawline would feel droopy, eye sight would get bad or weird visual disturbances... Then my left arm and leg would either feel heavy, numb or droopy. These past 6 months going on 7 were the worst for me, you could tell because I began to become a bother as I'd post every day just for some reassurance. I've never had a stroke but the sensations and feelings gave off a stroke like feeling to me.


Anyways I've had a pretty good three days, symptoms would creep up but disappear within a hour or so,nit completely you could still feel them in the background but I could function finally. Food does rev up symptoms just not as bad. Is this typically how symptoms start going away?

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