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I'm on .5 mg clonazepam b.i.d.


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I hate the stuff.  Was put on it to manage the side effects of another medication, not knowing how difficult it would be to quit. 


On the NP's withdrawal schedule (first cut the dose by 1/2, then take one .5mg pill every other day) I visited the E.R. twice with profoundly unpleasant panic attacks.


I plan on trying to cut the dose by 1/4 pill at a time and see how that goes, but I'm curious about liquid (water and everclear) microtapering too.  Though I hope it's unnecessary.



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Hi scoupier!


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I’m sorry you had such a difficult time trying to quit Clonazepam. Unfortunately that’s how most of us ended up here, not knowing what these drugs do. It sounds like your NP tried to taper you way too quickly – it happened to me as well. Cutting your pill in quarters might also be a bit too fast. I would recommend you start slower rather than rushing it. It’s always easier to speed up a taper than recover from a taper that’s been too fast. How long have you been using Clonazepam?


Usually we advice a taper rate of 5-10% of your current dose over two weeks or so, but it’s best to let your symptoms guide your taper as it will give you the best chance to remain functional. You can have a look at The Ashton Manual, an authoritative source on benzo withdrawal.


For advice on tapering you can ask here: Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


For support on withdrawal symptoms you can post here: Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


Please look around and start posting when you’re ready!


jelly baby



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Thanks for the love and understanding Jelly Baby.  I have some questions.


Right now I take .5mg twice a day.  I've been on it for about six weeks.


Is it normal to go into withdrawals for a few hours before taking the next dose?  Because I think that I am.  I take my doses at 9 AM and 9 PM and for several hours prior to each dose I feel like hell.  And I'm not even tapering.


Is feeling like hell before the next dose even when not tapering normal?


How many times a day did/do you dose while tapering?


What benzo are/were you tapering?


What's the best resource for learning how to do DMT, such as whether or not to use Everclear, how to set everything up, etc.?


Do you know if people around here ever switch to clorazepate for its longer half life?


Is Valium still considered to better than Klonopin in terms of half life because I'm told that many no longer consider that to be true.


Thank you so much.

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Hi scoupier


What you're describing about 'hell before the next dose' sounds like interdose withdrawal.  This is unfortunately quite common but usually more common with other benzo's. Interdose withdrawal means the drug starts wearing off and your body is craving it before the next dose. You do have two options here a) split your dose in three or b) cross over to Valium. I suggest you read up on these options before making a choice and also ask other members their input in the Withdrawal Support link I posted.


I'm also tapering Clonazepam. At the bottom of my post  you can see my signature which explains my history. I only dose once a day as I've never needed more. But there are quite a number of members on multiple doses.


I haven't heard of people crossing over to Clorazepate, most people cross over to Valium.


To learn about micro tapering the best would be to read the Titration Board: http://www.benzobuddies.org/forum/index.php?board=164.0


I spent hours on there reading thread after thread before I started micro tapering. You can also start your own thread and ask as many questions as you like.


I hope this helps and gives you direction. Please keep asking, we're happy to help!

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