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Lorazepam to Diazepam cross-over


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Hello buddies,

I currently take 4mg Lorazepam spaced 4 times daily. I am pretty sure I developed tolerance withdrawal, so I decided to taper but first I want to cross over to Valium.

Would you advise to replace a whole dose at a time or a half dose?

So like taking 10mg instead of 1mg or taking 5mg and 0.5mg for a while and then do the next half-dose


Thanks in advance

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Neon, Dr. Heather Ashton has a crossover plan that many of us follow(ed). I used it when I did a c/o from Ativan to valium. Go here:




Look for Schedule 3. You'll have to do a bit of math to fit the schedule to your particular dose (I did), but once I did, I was able to follow the schedule down.


Hope this helps,



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