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FML Fluorometholone eye drops


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Hi Buddies


I’ve been off Clonazepam for close to two months now.


I started getting extremely sore and uncomfortable eyes.  The ophthalmologist has put me on FML / Fluorometholone eye drops. The first night I started to feel a little like benzo withdrawal again - my internal vibrations started up.


I’ve read the Ashton manual and understand this steroid based eye drop can cause reoccurrence of withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone had any experience with this?


Did the symptoms go away once you stopped the eye drop?


I’m in a pickle. My eyes were getting so sore that I couldn’t cope but now I’m dealing with sx again when I’ve otherwise been well?





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Thanks Kathy. I’ll do some research.


It’s stage, the sore/inflamed part is my socket? The eyeball itself feels ok?


It’s so weird! The fml drops are definitely helping but the side effects I’m

Not sure are worth it.

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Unfortunately I learned too late that steroids can give us symptoms as if we were in early withdrawal. My misadventure with it was with a course of predisone and I'm still not over it completely. A buddie here called JBen has also had trouble with a steroid nasal spray. I found his blog by doing a search here for steroids.


On my progress log I posted info that I found online about the effects of cortisol on patients who are taking a corticosteroid. I SO WISH I had checked on here first before taking it.


I'm like Cassandra going around warning people about it. If there's any way you can get relief in another form, I would go for that. The setback can be really rough. But I understand that you need relief for your eyes. It is a pickle as you said!

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