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5 Months off of Klonopin


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Hey buddies. Today marks me being off of klonopin for 5 months. It has been a hard and long 5 months. My main healing symptoms have been the tingling in especially my head, body, heart palpitations, and sometimes burning in my arms and legs.


I have seen some improvement. Today I still have the tingling throughout my body, and it has lessened some. I do have ear ringing (right ear is what sent me down this path in the first place). Still way from feeling "normal".


I thought tapering for a year would help and I am sure it did. Looking back some things I would do differently for me, but I advise anyone to work with others who are more versed than me.


I dry cut micro tapered until about 0.121 mg then switched to whole milk titration. I did my calculations very detailed and would put 1 0.5 mg pill into whole milk and then remove 1 ml based on how I was feeling. That went well until about 0.063 mg even though I felt like I was acute all the time when I started getting some tingling in my head. But I kept going. I did hold a couple of times to let the cuts catch up. At around what I thought was 0.043 mg (with home brew liquid) I decided to jump as I could not get stable. With this approach you are never truly sure of dosage; it is all a experiment. I should have used Bob7's approach for me as that gives you more exact dosage in my opinion and walked off instead of jumping off.


Since I cannot change anything on my approach, I am focused on healing. Trying to learn my triggers. I stay away from anything that can spike my symptoms. (i.e. pizza the other night sent me into a tailspin.)


I hope all are doing the best you can and I hope for me and each and everyone of the community members who are tapering, tapered and are healing, and have healed much success in your endeavors.


I also hope the next time I post a celebration or a milestone I will continue to improve. I know there is no timetable on healing, just hope I keep going in the right direction.







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Congratulations on 5 months! I'm sure the next 5 will see lots of improvement. Hopefully you're over the worst now.  :smitten:
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