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Head pressure list?


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Can someone share head sensations/pressures? The weirder the better. I'm starting to feel very alone I can't see anyone with similar head pressures/sensations its very alerming.

Or if anyone knows of a link to members who had a who had very weird and unique head symptoms who is now better


- my symptoms I'm currently dealing with are:


- Head pressure starts slowly but reaches a peak around 12 minutes, then other symptoms kick in and ill get to those in a second


- this is where two main camps tend to take place


1) My worst days, these days terrify me. I feel:

- Head pressure at the base of my skull, This very stroke like sensation.


- Tightness in my brain, feeling like I'm on edge of something horrific happening.


- My face feels bloated, swollen, heavy mainly on my left side.


- other times it can feel swollen and numb particularly on my cheeks


- my Jawline feels like it's super tight and drooping and makes me think I'll loose my ability to speak clearly.


- My vision... I could right a book alone about my visual changes. I'm seeing yellow spots, words s stretch off the page, words seem distoroand, grainy, pixelated, cloudy like theres layer which cover my. Seeing flashing lights when my eyes are closed


- Next up is the bodily sensations ranging from extremely weak, my left arm feels like it's drooping and my left 6 side 98% of the time. Wjen laying down my head either feels heavy, light weight and floating and woozy, lightheadness, like I'm falling in my own head when laying down.


Group 2:

- Benzo Doubt: (Is this Benzos?)


- this sensation is hard to explain, it's a feeling in my brain with a visual disturbance. Almost like everything is coming at me, like I'm literally losing my mind slowly with this exposed nerve sensation.. Like I'm moving away from my brain, falling sensation, Woozy, lightheaded and like distance is.


The symptoms they just keep coming and coming evolving into other terrible symptoms, this has been very tough especially the reality/perception mixed with actual brain feeling.

I'm trying to hang in there, this has been very over whelming and ever going... I'm in what month 7 and things keep getting worse hell I'm pretty sure I'm leaving a post daily at this point.

When I walk I no longer have thoughts, I'm just walking on auto pilot just void of possiblem. Most is just head sensations sure but this is a nightmare... Food greatly impacts this my symptoms hell my of these are brought on by what seems like any kind of food. I can be fine with some food one day and terrible the next. Anyone know of anyone who was this bad and made a turn around

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I've had so much head pressure and brain sensations I wouldn't know where to begin describing them, or even how. Top of the head, sides, what feels like deep inside. Moving around, unbearable pain, stabbing blah blah blah. Honestly it's been my main symptom, throw in mental torture for good measure. I have suffered brain trauma from multiple CT's.


All I can say is, slowly but surely things have improved. The past few weeks my brain has been clicking and releasing, then the other day things got really bad. Dizzy, vomiting etc but things improved then.


Just got to try and accept it, it's the brain healing and unfortunately it's a horrible thing to experience. But it is healing



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