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This Is An Accurate Article About Benzos


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BBB, thanks for that article.  It's quite interesting.  Benzo's and Z-drugs have certainly harmed me in so many ways.  I'm disabled now because of them.
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BBB, thank you.  This is an article all in the medical field should read.  Since covid, I've read quite a few NYTimes articles about an uptick in anxiety cases, especially in young people, with unspecific references to medications being prescribed.  It is chilling that the articles don't include warnings.  This Psychology Today study should be reported in the NYTimes.


Thanks to BenzoBuddies I've been on a slow liquid taper, mostly without issues.  But I am very concerned about others out there, especially young people, not knowing what's happening when they quit taking a benzo.  Their lives could be ruined.  Warnings need to be better known!


Again, thank you for posting the link.







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