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I've developed a new symptom.


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Currently at 141 symptoms now at month 12 or 13,Ive lost count... I'm so tired of being terrified I'll wake up and end up paralyzed. It's always physical symptoms mostly. Typically I'm use to a tightness, heavy sensation all of the body but mostly in the left side. Tonight however that switched up to feeling like my entire body is incredibly loose and light, my hands feel floppy. I also feel like I'm starting to come out of my body slow enough to freak me out from my mind. Not DP/DR... This shit is different. My symptoms seem to be progressing every other day to something worse and worse and worse. Always with this feeling like I'm on the edge of something horrific happening but it never comes. My eye sight is just so messed up I think I've experienced more visual disturbances today then ever recorded in my journey so far.

Like if I look at words, they look like the lines are stretching and lifting off the screen... What the f**K is happening to me? And why is this wave so long? I've been going through symptoms for the past 7-8 months now with a day or so of a break here and there.  I'm like losing feeling in my arm but at the same time I'm not??? This all wouldn't be so dang bad if the symptoms didn't gang up on me. I can't handle 2-3 at a time but not 7 at a single time.

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