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sorry I think this is my intro, hello everyone nice to meet you


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59 years old , been on benzos, z drugs, pain killers and anti depressants since 18 yrs old.

Have had gaps up to five years and was doing well on a reduction in Paris up until three years ago.

Always meant to try benzo buddies  (may have many many years ago) could do with support/community. Been, rest , rehab, tranqs, helpful.

DIAZ, Zopi, codene, Mitazapine  all and only perscription.

59 yrs old started at 18 yrs

24mg diaz, 7.5 zopi, 60mg codene, 45mg Mitazipine currently

Would like to taper but cannot under current situation, looking for options. Have had reduced several times (1 year plus and five years clean (40-45)

Have done it before but getting harder the older and sicker I get... Thinking I need a radical plan as now have many serious health issues.

Nice to meet everyone and hope you are managing OK.



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Hello bayriver, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


I'm sorry to hear you're facing some health issues, but we'll help you all we can to come up with a plan to help you.


What we've found is that the more times we start and stop the drug typically leads to what is called kindling, it sounds like this may be true in your case, these are a couple of definitions.


Kindling - The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices



Kindling - Benzodiazepine Information Coalition



Kindling doesn't mean you can't taper from the drug, it just means it can be a bit more painful but recovery is possible.


My suggestion if you're looking to begin a reduction would be to tackle the Zopiclone first since the half life of that drug is so short its likely causing you interdose withdrawal symptoms, have you noticed having them?


We typically suggest reducing your dose of benzo's by about 5-10% every couple of weeks but this should be symptom driven so you can stay functional, many members will go even slower.


I'll provide some resources and links to the forum but please ask questions, we're here to help.




Colorado Consortium Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidelines


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


The Ashton Manual



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Thank you pamster. Yes you have already given me new material to look at. After so many years I have been involved in a lot of things , especially in Uk ..related to tranqs , mind , educating doctors.

Ok so kindling is new phrase for me will study..... yes Because of amponts and years it does take a very long and slow taper... Very interesting thank you tes I find Zopi one of the easiest to reduce, withrawl wise but then sleep deprivation kicks in after a few days.  Thank you again (guess i should mention am pretty disabled at moment, but still believe I can reached a good level of recovery given the right enviroment)


theone stitchgirls... thank you for your kind words , being totally isolated and not leaving my flat for two years it is very much appreciated.. thank you both.

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Also Re: antidepresents, i have tried everything and do not think any really help, so think also mitazapine would be another one to look at reducing first also maybe?  (they do not stop my depression anyway).
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Thanks ThatOneGirlStitch.  yes I suffered a bad epesode that left me with PTSD almost two years ago, so yes only trips out are 100 yards to chemist and that is only because the delivery never arrives.


Kindling stuff very interesting, My epileptic fits and siezures have got worse the more times I have been left without perscription (15-20 times A&E) waking up with drips. It makes sense as I can now feel a siezure coming on within 24-48 hours of no perscription and can even be triggered before if a high anxiety event occures...Thanks.


The Mitazapine in 45mg day but strangly I can forget doeses and not get reactions for a day or so.


I know I have a big challenge but think for me it will take a change of enviroment and human contact, so considering some big changes.

what is interesting is in the right situation  (a two week buddist yoga retreat cheap) My ability to change fast is very real in the right situation.


My biggest success was over a year of 5 days a week holistic treatment and me in charge of reduction.



Thanks again.

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It sounds like you know yourself pretty well if you're thinking a change of your environment will help you finally beat this beast.  I hope with your seizure history the plan you're considering will consist of you being closely monitored.  Does the Buddhist retreat offer this?
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Hi pamster.

yes the Buddists were aware of my illnesses and very understanding and amzingly kind. I also have CVF/ME and the Buddist founder had insomnia and died of sleep deprivation eventually.


I went with a full set of meds. Every single seizure has been as a result of my meds not being despenced on time and going into withdrawl. It is just they can come on sooner if combined with a traumatic event on top of withdrawl.


I am part of gene studies as I was supposed to have never woken up a few times.


I am thinking of a change of enviroment as I am currently tottally isolated and in the place where my PTSD occured.


i had been looking at nursing homes in Ukraine (very good and very cheap), but not possible now, so making enquireries in the Phillapines. I do not have any income but things are only going down hill. Despiration really I guess.


Does anyone here talk about retreats or escapes they have been on? obviously normal rehabs are out of the question, because of costs and short lengths of stay.


Thanks so much.

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Thats cool to go on a retreat1  :)


I heard a couple people talk about a retreat or two. But its not a big thing?

Still it's always good to hear about peoples experiences.

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hey ThatOneGirlStitch,


Yes I have found the right sort of retreat helpful, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, groups and communal living without judgement.


retreats can be any length.


I struggle with an average friend understanding about perscription dependance.... a lot of people say well if it is perscribed then it must be Ok then and not really get it.


I imagine it must have been hard for you with 1.5 years shut indoors, I know I have struggled with that.

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Thanks bayriver.


I struggle with an average friend understanding about perscription dependance.... a lot of people say well if it is perscribed then it must be Ok then and not really get it.

You're right. This gets said a lot. Not helpful and kind of scary coming from doctors.


It feels good to have people understand this rough journey.


How do you meditate? I just can't figure it out. Does it help with concentration or staying calm?

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