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Almost 2 months off clonazepam after a decade of prescribed use


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Hi there!


I am in my early thirties and finally realized only this year the damage that prescription benzos were causing me over the past decade and change. I always thought I would be spared from tolerance and dependency issues because I didn't take clonazepam every day, but over time that proved untrue.


I am almost 2 months off the medicine and while things are much better than the first couple weeks, I am still struggling immensely. That is why I have registered here. Hope to find support amongst you fine folks!

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Hello MooeyGooey, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Congratulations on being benzo free, it would be great if that were the end of it but now you've entered the recovery phase and how long it lasts is different for each of us, typically many months but things slowly improve, way too slow of course.


There are many who took the drug as you did who couldn't escape dependency, these drugs are powerful.


I'll provide some resources but we'd love to hear how you tapered and how long it took.




The Ashton Manual


Post-withdrawal Recovery Support


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