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This symptom is so strange. Is it dpdr/dissociation?


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I have gotten insane anhedonia and total loss of emotions. I cant feel emotions in my body or mind. I can force myself to cry, but I dont feel it, and there is no release. I am just stuck in either this insane dull mode or depression. Its hell. I cant get out. I cant feel any interest, motivation, pleasure, happiness, joy, sadness, anger. I am just stuck in this strange mode.


I cant feel emotions in my mind or my body.


I am stuck in a state of restlessness. I cant calm down. My body cant feel comfort or calm. I cant calm myself down because my brain and body does not react to any stimulus that might be calming. I feel trapped. My body does not get tired either, even though I am in a constant restless state with no escape. I have tried blankets, hot bottles and everything. My body does not react to it and I get no emotions and just stay restless.


At one point it felt like my soul just left my body, and it feel so strange now. My sense of touch is greatly diminished and my body almost feels a little numb. When I take a shower it is like I cant feel the warmth properly and it does not make me feel anything good. It is like my presence left. My feet are constantly cold and feel strange, especially under my feet the sensitivity feels less.


It is so strange this disconnection from my body. When i touch my leg it feels dead and not like my leg. All my senses are off. it might sound strange, but before I could feel my presence in my whole body, but it is like my presence just left, and I can slightly feel it a little bit in my brain.


My arm fell asleep because i was laying on it too long, but it did not prickle as bad as it used to. It probably did, but the feeling was dull and more distant, like i could not reach it properly. Like it was happening in some other strange arm. I also struggled to understand what the feeling was and i could not recognize it at first.

This happened before as well. I had pain in my stomach. The pain was dull and strange and i Did not understand what it was, but then i thought it was a period cramp!


I have many sensations in my body, but now i cant figure out what they are.


My smell is gone, and the few things I can smell makes me feel nothing. It is the same with taste.

Basically all senses are dulled and makes me feel no emotions.


Has anyone else experienced something similar?


This feels like som weird brain damage, and it is really exhausting since I am just restless (akathisia) but cant calm myself or feel comfort or any other emotion to deal with it. I am just in pain and uncomfortable all the time with no escape.


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Your description of your condition is haunting and it reminds me of my own suffering.  I'm sorry you're in the thick of it but this will pass, out of all of the symptoms I've read from the protracted folks, I don't believe this is one of them so have faith in your brains ability to repair the damage done by the drug.
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