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Diazepam taper


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it is hard to post on my phone but it’s all I have to use.

I have gone from 27mg of diazepam a day in about two months to cutting out the 2 mg at night  to 15

mg of diazepam and skipping my am and afternoon 5mg each time and also cut 3 gabapentins I have 1 in am 2 in afternoon. I have been trying and failing for months as I always seem to do when I am kicking a drug.

So now I make it all day with no drugs but am taking vitamin supplements that help me stay calm.

I have a ton of craziness from others in my life at this time but in spite of it all I am extremely determined.

So as of today June 2 2002 I am on 15 mg of diazepam at night , 2 gabapentins 300 mg each and 150 mg of Trzadone.

I am feeling quite well but still am going through brain fog at times .

My white blood cell count has gone from low to normal.

I have not told my Dr. I have cut back this much.

Told him I was ready to continue taper but he said wait for a while

I know and listen to my own body.

I am just going to go along with what he says to do and let him think I am doing it his way so I. Don’t get yelled at or dropped.

Anyone out there relate?

I have been successful going off Geodi which of course was not a benzo but hell to get off by gradually breaking capsule open and tapering took about a year.


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The only thing I can relate to is the tapering off of valium. You seem like you are really kicking it! I am moving at a much slower pace. I've never tried gabapentin.  I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are proud of the success you've made so far!
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