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I always had windows every mth , one time it was almost 100% , another time it was like 90% , my last one was April 11 , I felt 70% normal , zero sting, zero weakness, zero anxiety , but lately its been 24-7 , the only thing changes now once in awhile is the  intensity , it just get slow , I feel like I went off c/t for this anxiety lately , it doesnt make any sense how I can go from feeling normal to this , it feels like I got worst , and I was alot better off 4-5 mths ago , now I am worst off do that make any sense? I feel like I will never have a window again , like I did something wrong , or that my body cant fight anymore , these windows I had shouldnt that made me more better after they closed not get worst , they say windows get longer , sooner, and symptoms start to fade , but for me it seems to get worst , is this common anyone else feel like this ?
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