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Hi everyone- questions for NOW and later


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Hello everyone,


I have been on 1mg of Ativan for six years after starting Klonopin for six months before that for anxiety and sleep. The Ativan seemed to fit the mark better so I stuck with it. Anyway I also have an issue from childhood with my back that has caused me problems off and on (multiple multiple) surgeries. All this to say I also take Gabapentin and Norco.


So my question for everyone is a multi parter. First the Ativan- For the first time in six years I seemed to have misplaced my medication. I’ve looked absolutely everywhere. My wife has looked and I’ve accepted it’s been lost completely. It’s a 90 day supply and I’m about two months in. I cannot get a refill until the end of June. So now it’s been about six days without it and… I’m feeling pretty bad. But at the same time I’m also thinking at some point I could see myself being off this medication. I just want to know in general how bad the next 3-4 weeks are going to be?


My other question is about stopping my meds. I’ve been on and off opiates for years due to my back. I know how to taper opiates and have done this successfully at least 3 times. I am in a place where my back is good. I want to go off all meds. I thought I would keep the Ativan but I’m thinking no. After I taper and stop the opiates, should I stop Gabapentin then Ativan or taper them together? Thoughts??



Thanks in advance!

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Hello Kitchyface3523, welcome to BenzoBuddies,


Can you tell us your dose of Ativan, I'm concerned about you, there is seizure risk to quitting benzo's cold turkey, its rare but if you've been on a high dose and have a history of them then you might want to consider seeking medical attention.  Ativan is fairly fast acting which means you're quite possibly feeling the full brunt of the symptoms however they may continue to get worse.


A slow taper is recommended, especially since you've been on it so long, we suggest reducing your dose by about 5-10% every couple of weeks depending on your symptoms, we typically suggest letting them determine your reductions in order to stay functional.


As for stopping your other medications, we suggest only one at a time so you can determine what might be causing possible symptoms and if you stop the Ativan first you'll want to make sure you're fully recovered before starting another taper and this could take many months.


I apologize if I've added more worry for you but want to make sure you're safe.  We're glad you're here and will help you all we can.  Here are some links to resources to get you started learning about what to expect.




Colorado Consortium Benzodiazepine Deprescribing Guidelines


Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


The Ashton Manual


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Hi Pamster,


I am on 1 mg of Ativan daily. Is that a lot? What kind of medical attention would I seek? I reached out to the pharmacy and they said they can’t do a refill until 3 days before it is due. The doctor reached out to them as well and it was a no go. I find this frustrating because this has never happened before. Sigh.


Thank you for responding to me!

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I'm relieved to hear your doctor knows about your situation, and if he's not worried then you're probably fine.  For those at risk of a seizure we'd suggest they go to the ER, they'll typically give you enough benzodiazepines to tide you over until you can see your doctor.  We also advise not being alone, making sure you're around a family member or friend just in case but as I said, if your doctor isn't concerned then you're probably okay.


1 mg Ativan isn't a huge dose but it's certainly enough to cause you withdrawal symptoms, if you can manage to stay functional over the next month, do you plan to reinstate once you can get your prescription filled?  The reason I ask is because even though we recommend tapering, its not easy so if you are able to manage over the next month, it might be best to not reinstate if its your desire to be benzo free.


I'm probably getting ahead of myself here.  :-[



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