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Hello everyone want to do a clonopin taper!


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Hello everyone, I want to taper of of klonpin.

I'm taking 2 mg a day in total with each 1mg dose being 12 hrs apart as prescribed for my anxiety and agoraphobia for a year now.

In the beginning it worked wonders for me I was so happy that I can go out and live a normal life again. Fast forward to today I'm getting some side effects that I never had. Feeling weak, sleepy, and have bad memory,slow in general. Anxiety is back in full swing. So I want to taper off fully or preferably 0.5 mg 2x a day so 50% reduction would be okay as a starting point. From what I read and from what my Dr said is to cut out 1/4 of tablet every 2 to three weeks or 0.50mg. What my concern is tablet is 2mg with four quarters.

So if I wanted to taper I would have to taper either morning or dose number 2 by 0.50mg which seems like a lot and don't know how I would react. I don't have a scale or anything that I could use to get 2 even doses. If I cut one of my doses what should I expect withdrawal wise (read some horror klonpin stories my aunt quit cold turkey with none whatsoever)

And what would be the best way to go about it?



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Hi Pman!


Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


It’s great to hear you want to taper your Klonopin. If I understand correctly you want your first cut to be 50%? That is quite high. Even if you only cut one dose by a quarter it will equate to 25% which is still above the recommended average. We generally advice a taper of 5-10% of your current dose every two weeks or so. Many members go slower based on their symptoms. It’s important to let your symptoms guide your taper rate as that will likely allow you to remain functional. You don’t have to keep your doses exactly even when you taper. You can have a look at The Ashton Manual, an authoritative source on benzo withdrawal.


Some people are able to stop benzo’s without issues and some people like those of us here on BB get withdrawal symptoms. We don’t know why some people develop physical dependence and others don’t. The only way to know is when you start reducing. We do not recommend a cold turkey. Is it possible for your doctor to prescribe 0.5mg Klonopin pills as that would make tapering much easier? There are a lot of other alternative ways to taper, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.


I’ll leave you with these links to get you started:


For tapering assistance you ask post here: Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper)


For support on withdrawal symptoms you can post here: Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


Please look around and start posting when you’re ready!


jelly baby


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