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Not able to find Teva brand clonazepam again. Is this nationwide


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Hi all,

I called in for a refill of my Teva 833's (I've been able to get them for a few years again). Is this a wide spread problem?


I just had open heart surgery less than 3 months ago with lots of new meds for that also, but am really scared about no teva's.


Has anyone else run into this like a few years ago?


Please comment fast as I have called a few local pharmacies and they won't even help me find any. They say I am just to check around. I don't drive and have just been able to get walking decent distances without a walker.


Please help.



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I am not sure where you live, but I just got my filled at CVS in Northern Florida. These are .5mg.

I do have times of where they have to order it in. They know I take TEVA only brand.

I also get 2mg filled every 3 months. Same thing with those.

I am not sure what is going on.

Just keep trying and be persistent.

Hoping for the best.



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I see that you are 1mg.

Many years ago, before they had discontinued Teva, I could not get the 1mg, so I had to switch to the 2mg.

Hopefully this is just temporary.

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I’m sorry you are having to deal with this.  The drug supply chain is strained these days, often at the supplier/distributor level. 


Neither of the two national databases (links below) are showing shortages of Teva clonazepam.


Have you tried contacting independently owned pharmacies in your area?


Have you tried contacting Teva directly?




Drug Shortages | FDA



Drug Shorages | ASHSP*


*American Society of Health System Pharmacists

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